Secret Options

Secret options can be activated by adding certain keys to the Settings.json file.

NOTE: To access the Layouts.json file on a Mac, right-click the application, select Show Package Contents, and then go to Contents/Resources/Settings.
On a Windows PC, go to the Resources folder and then open the Settings folder.

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ATTENTION: ** Before saving your changes to the Settings.json file, validate them by copying the contents of the Settings.json file and pasting it into an online tool such as JSONLint.

Auto-enable DSP

How to enable:

Add "dsp" : 1, (with dsp in quotes and comma after the number 1) right after "audio": {.


This option will automatically enable DSP when starting CV Toolkit.
This is only recommended if you're not using any of the Compatibility Modes and the default Layout does not contain any pre-determined routings on the Routing Matrix (otherwise DC signals may end up being outputted to speakers if the settings are not recalled correctly).

Calibration Level

How to enable:

Add "calibration level" : "High", right after "misc": {.


This option will adjust the accuracy of the Calibration feature in CV Toolkit by adjusting the number of test points.
Keep in mind that increasing the calibration level will increase both the accuracy and the duration of the calibration process.
Available options: Ultra, Highest, High, Medium, Low, and Lowest (the option must be added in between quotes) .